Indeterminate Beams Study Experiment مختبر تصميم


Name: Indeterminate Beams Study.

Aim: To examine & analyze  kinds of indeterminate beams thru the stress and deflection     take a look at.  One of the beams is constant – without a doubt supported ends, while the opposite is genuinely supported at 3 places alongside the beam period.

Introduction: To calculate the stresses & deflection of such beams it is required to apply a one-of-a-kind method to get the support reactions and moments. The maximum common technique is Macaulay's approach that is the overall & efficient technique for any case of beams, or to use other techniques just like the moment area approach & Clapeyron’s “3-moment” equation which is useful for non-stop beams. These kind of methods are given without a doubt in layout & mechanics of cloth books.


Theory:   The beams evaluation can be completed by using the usage of the abovementioned strategies or by means of using the equations which might be given in the appendix of mechanical layout books [Shigely book – appendix A-9]. Case -1


                   Case -2 Continuous Beam:                     

Calculations:The specified calculations and drawings are: 

1- The helps reaction and second. 

2- The fee and vicinity of maximum bending moments (additionally draw the B.M.D.).

3- The price and location of most shearing pressure (also draw the S.F.D.). 

Four- The price of the maximum bending strain and the maximum shear pressure [draw the stress distribution for both stresses]. 

5- The cost and place of most theoretical deflection. Draw the deflection curve [experimentally & theoretically].


1-    examine among the experimental & theoretical deflection curve? What are the reasons for such distinction?

2-    what's the significance of having the deflection curve for the beam layout reason?

3-    Is there any difference in the cost of the assist reactions and moments which can be gotten from exceptional techniques? Deliver motives for such distinction.

4-    Why the beam designs depend upon the most bending stresses and the most deflection?


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