Journal Bearings Experiment مختبر التصميم


Name: Journal Bearings.

Aim: To take a look at the performance of the journal bearing and the tilting pad thrust bearing thru reading the impact of shaft rotating velocity, the clearance gap between the shaft and housing, the route of shaft rotation, the sort & the stress of the oil used for the magazine bearings.

Theory:Hydrodynamic lubrication way that the burden-carrying surfaces of the bearing are separated by means of a quite thick movie of lubricant, to be able to prevent steel-to-metal touch, and that the steadiness as a result obtained can be explained by using the legal guidelines of fluid mechanics. The film stress is created by way of the shifting surface itself pulling the lubricant into a wedge-shaped sector at a velocity sufficiently high to create the stress vital to separate the surfaces against the burden on the bearing. Hydrodynamic lubrication is also referred to as full-film, or fluid, lubrication.     

         Loaded magazine bearing along with a shaft magazine and a bushing





A-   For Journal Bearing:

1-    positioned the rotating selector switch to clock wise [CW] rotation.

2-    Run the motor at sure speed and maintain the system running at this velocity for at least 10 minutes until the oil settle inside the pressure tubes.

Three-    measure the speed of the shaft rotating of J.B. [Longitudinal & Circumferential] path.

4-    measure the oil height within the strain tubes as stated within the connected figure.

Five-    growth the shaft rotating speed inside the C.W. Path and repeat step 2, three & four.

6-    switch of the gadget, exchange the rotation path to C.C.W. And repeat the above steps [2, 3, 4, 5].

B-   For Tilting Pad Journal Bearing:

1-    Set the space C1 & C2 for the tilting pad.

2-    Run the motor and set the belt pace to certain cost such that the oil will no longer bleed out of the pressure tubes.

3-    degree the oil peak at each facets [longitudinal and transverse] path.

4-    increase the motor pace with the equal condition of step 2 and repeat step 3.

Five-    alternate the distance C1 & C2 and repeat the stairs 2, three, & 4.

Calculation & Discussion:

A-   For journal Bearing:

1-    Compute the stress [ P ] for the longitudinal and circumferential path.

2-    Draw the stress [ P] with the place within the longitudinal and circumferential route for the equal speed value and speed route [C.W. OR C.C.W].

Three-    Draw the stress [ Pmax] of the above instances with the rotational speed.

Four-    Discus the above results and how they will have an effect on at the bearing performance. 

5-    provide an explanation for how the oil type, static hydraulic pressure, working temperature on the bearing overall performance.  Deliver 3 examples for the application of magazine bearings?

B-   For Tilting Pad Journal Bearing:

1-    Compute the pressure [ P ] for the longitudinal and transverse route.

2-    Draw the strain with the place within the longitudinal and transverse direction for the same gap ratio [C1 / C2] at specific values of belt pace.

3-    Draw the stress [ Pmax ] for the location within the longitudinal and circumferential course with the belt velocity at exceptional values of gap ratio [C1 / C2].

4-    Discus the impact of hole ratio and strolling velocity at the performance? Deliver examples for the application of tilting pad magazine bearing.

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